A perfect place for creating gardens

Welcome to Yoga Nursery. A perfect place where the plants and flowers are grown. Flowers are the most important part of life which we export and are used in all types of functions, meetings and cultural activities, etc.

We take pride to say that we are the largest suppliers of indoor and outdoor plants to corporate companies and for residential purposes.

We provide our services in quick times and have an efficient team that supports you to select the best from our nursery. We offer your orders with our very best prices. We are the growers and suppliers of fresh cut flowers, orchids which are the most common plant groups. Anthuruim which looks pretty with its heart shaped leaves that are mostly used in flower arrangements, lilies, bulbs, dendrobium which is the largest group of orchids, etc.

We also deal with all kinds of vegetable seeds for your domestic purpose or business purpose.

We undertake landscaping too which is a beautiful outdoor lifestyle that changes the visible features of certain areas of land. All kinds of landscaping projects and contract farming for all types of companies, hospitals, function halls, residences etc are also undertaken.